Three Reasons You Must Try “Peace Pies” In Ocean Beach


Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate!

More on that in a minute, but first; lunch. After a morning hike in San Diego, my husband and I ate at Peace Pies in Ocean Beach It’s a tiny place that we had to drive past twice to find. Their exterior is nondescript, but it’s bright, clean and colorful inside. We had our dog with us, so I went inside first while my husband waited outside.

I was warmly greeted at the counter by a lovely young woman who patiently walked me through the menu. I needed this tutorial because Peace Pies is a raw vegan restaurant, and I don’t have much experience with raw food. I chose the Mango Curry Wrap. My husband went inside after me and ordered a “burger.”

Our food was quickly brought out by Chef, Celeste, who was friendly as all get out. We immediately inhaled the Kale chips that came with both meals; and all I can say is yum! They tasted deep fried, but I learned that a dehydrator was the secret to their crunch.

My husband and I usually share our meals half and half, but the burger was too messy to split so I just ate a bite of it. With nut cracker “bread” in place of a bun, it was strange but delicious and I was crestfallen that we couldn’t share. My Mango Curry Wrap was also tasty and left me satisfied. My husband loved both dishes, but gave a slight edge to the burger.

After fabulous meals like that, we had to try their desserts. I went back inside and gawked at their goodies. Everything looked delish, but my eyes locked on the chocolate fudge brownies so I got one. My husband chose a slice of orange chocolate cake.

I took a bite of my brownie and was head-over-heals in love. My thing with brownies is they have to be moist and this one simply oozed chocolate essence. It was also sweet, rich and according to the woman at the counter, healthy. When my brownie was half gone, I tasted the Orange Chocolate Cake and fell in love all over again. I couldn’t decide which dessert I liked better. My husband felt the same. We passed the sweets back and forth between us trying to pick our favorite, but neither of us could decide.

What I had decided, however; was that I must buy the This is Raw cookbook. So look forward to some raw recipes in my future posts. And if you haven’t tried Peace Pies yet, get your butt over there. Go for your taste buds, your health and for gosh sakes, dessert!


When you stop by, be sure to say “Hi” to Chef Celeste.

I appreciate anyone who takes the time to say hello! I love receiving your comments and questions, so please contact me. Email: celestedimilla(at)yahoo(dot)com (pardon this funky spelling…it helps prevent spam).

About celestedimilla

Hey there. I’m Celeste, California girl, writer, psychotherapist and burgeoning plant-based foodie.
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