Meet Celeste


Hey there. I’m Celeste, California girl, writer, psychotherapist and burgeoning plant-based foodie. I started this blog to blab about my plant-based diet and all things vegan. My purpose here is to share, connect and inspire.

I should start by saying that technically I’m still in the process of going vegan. I say this because I define a vegan as someone who avoids the use of animal products for food, clothing and other purposes, and I’ve only transitioned my diet so far. I’m working on the rest of my lifestyle, but I’m not there yet. I’m trying, I swear, but buying leather shoes is like a snort of cocaine to me so it’s tough.

What started me down this path was my husband, Paul’s, health. A year ago he found out he had high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Knowing these issues were related to diet, Paul and I went to a healthy cooking class at Whole Foods Market. The class was given by Gerrie, a woman who transformed her ailing health by eating only plant-based foods. Gerrie’s story and the statistics she shared about how meat and dairy contribute to heart disease, cancer, stroke, diabetes, obesity and Alzheimer’s disease shocked and frightened us.

The class didn’t fully convince my husband and me that animal foods were harmful, but it got us curious. We educated ourselves further by reading plant-based books like The Engine 2 Diet by Rip Esselstyn and watching movies like Forks Over Knives. We were quickly won over and started transitioning our diet. This wasn’t easy. We cheated a lot in the beginning but eventually got used to our new diet. Now we LOVE the way we eat and can’t imagine going back to our old ways.

Not only do we enjoy our new diet, but we look and feel great eating this way. Paul’s blood pressure and cholesterol are back to normal, we’ve both lost weight, have more energy and our skin looks better than it has in years. When I run into someone I haven’t seen in a while I always get a gasp and hear something like, “Oh my God! You look great.”

Our health and the way Paul and I look and feel are reasons enough for me to stay on a plant-based diet forever, but there’s more! When you don’t eat animal products, you eat out at vegan restaurants, if you’re lucky enough to live close to any. A lot of vegan restaurants have animal rights pamphlets lying around, so when Paul and I would eat out, I’d mindlessly pick up leaflets to scan while eating. It took awhile for the information to sink in, but I finally grasped how eating animals is bad for our planet and causes tremendous suffering to animals.

So in a nutshell, I’m an aspiring vegan because it’s great for:

• My taste buds (yes, I mean this!)
• My health
• My looks
• My weight
• My husband’s health, looks and weight
• Animals
• Our planet

Maybe I can’t honk yet, but I hope writing this blog will get me there soon. If you’re honking, then good for you! And if you’re not honking, there’s no judgment here. I welcome you whether you’re vegan, veg-curious, interested in what a plant-based diet can do for your health and weight or if you stumbled upon this blog by accident.

Happy honking!!!


140 Responses to Meet Celeste

  1. Yesenia says:

    This is very inspiring! So glad you were able to transform your health simply by diet. I was vegan for about a couple of years and then fell off. I don’t know if I will ever be completely “vegan”, but I do love a plant-based lifestyle and agree with the points you made on why. I can’t wait to follow along and get some yummy ideas!

    • Thanks so much for stopping by Yesenia! I honestly would have laughed if you told me two years ago that I’d go vegan, but I love it! It was hard in the beginning because I craved cheese and ice cream and didn’t know how to cook vegan. Now that I know how to make quick, delicious vegan recipes I don’t miss meat and dairy at all. I actually like the way I eat now better than the way I ate before.

      I’m so excited for you that you’re studying to become a certified health coach. I’m curious, do they teach about a plant-based diet where you’re studying?

      Have a wonderful weekend!! Celeste 🙂

  2. Jwin89 says:

    I have to say that I love your blog, and I love your reasoning and honesty about your diet and lifestyle.

    There are all sorts of vegans out there, and I think all of them are fine for people’s various personal reasons. What’s important is taking care of yourself and staying true to yourself in the ways that best suit you.

    Personally, I am mainly a dietary vegan. I love bunnies and cows as much as the next person, and I’ve never really been big into wearing leather and fur, but those weren’t my reasons for going vegan in the first place, and I also have a weakness for sexy black boots. 😉

    Also, woot California! I’ve spent some wonderful times in the Laguna Beach area, and am head over heals for the Ocean Beach area or San Diego. I love your state and hope to transplant there someday. 😉


    • Thank you for your lovely comment!! And how funny that you’ve been to Laguna Beach since that’s where I live. I do love it here!! I’m so glad we’ve connected and I look forward to getting to know you better! Celeste 🙂

  3. wardieward says:

    Well said.
    I eat for health, but I also empathise with the millions of animals that await a grisly death for the pleasure of the human palette.

    • Hey there Wardie! Thanks so much for taking the time to read my story – it always means a lot to me when someone does that. I eat for health too, but I have to admit that I’ve been slipping with sugar lately. I’m determined to get back on track, however. Thanks for all of your support!! Celeste 🙂

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  5. Nora Saenger says:

    Hi Celeste, what a great blog you have here. This almost seems like a vegan community or virtual vegan hang-out. Cool! And the design is absolutely lovely 🙂
    I, too, don’t have a completely vegan lifestyle yet. I keep wearing all the leather shoes/belts/purses etc that I bought before I turned vegan. I have definitely been buying far less animal products, but I have not completely given up on it. I think it’s okay to take things step by step and at your own pace.
    So I guess I’ll “see” you around! Nora

    • Hi Nora! Thanks so much for coming over to my little blog and for following – I appreciate it!! I wish I could take credit for the design, but I actually hired a great graphic artist to come up with that. I should probably change my “Meet Celeste” page, because I think I’m over buying leather shoes now. Like you, however; I still use the ones I already own.

      Anyway, you sound like such a cool person Nora. You sing, act, write and you’re vegan – I love it. I’m really glad we’ve connected chica! Celeste 🙂

  6. thoughtsaboutveganism says:

    Hi, I’m awarding you with the sunshine award – check out my post on it! I hope you like it. I love following your blog – blessings – moni

  7. Hi Celeste, I wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger award because I really love your blog and am inspired by what you do! If you would like to accept it, the link is below, participation is completely voluntary of course 😉 big hug, Sylvia

  8. Dear Celeste, I wanted to let you know that I nominated you for another Award! For the Dragon Loyalty Award this time, because I really value your ongoing support, interest and regular visits to my blog. Participation is of course completely voluntary, but I just wanted to pass it on to you to let you know how much I value your interest 😉 I know these awards things are a bit time consuming, so if you don’t have time, it’s totally ok 😉
    Thanks so much! Sylvia

  9. Hello Chica! As a thank you for tweeting my post during Diabetes Awareness Month, I’m passing on the Dragon’s Loyalty Award to you! You can check it out here:

  10. cloudthyme says:

    Hi Celeste! I’ve nominated you for the Dragon’s Loyalty Award because you are truly deserving of it (as further evidenced by others’ comments too!). I really value your support and I love following your blog as well. 🙂 Thanks and happy Tuesday!

  11. Dina says:

    Hi Celeste! I am also a plant-based foodie from Orange County, California. I just wanted to tell you that I love reading your blogs. My husband and I switched over to a plant-based diet 2 years ago after waiting Forks Over Knives. That movie seriously changed our lives and the way we look at food. I learned so much over the past 2 years and now care about what goes in our bodies, including our 3 children. They transitioned fine. I am finding that it is harder when attending school events, but usually we bring plant-based dishes and pray that our children make the right decision on what foods to eat (most of the time we catch them hanging around the cheese tables or picking up some salami). At first we were very strict but we lightened up, as we didnt want to put some much restrictions on their foods as it sometimes causes food eating disorders. We just figure that we would only keep our plant strong foods in our home and feed them what we make. So far they are very happy with the foods we feed them – so that makes it easy. I have been finding that more and more mommies that I am meeting are switching to a plant-based diet or trying to eliminate some of the dairy and meats in their diet. Its funny that people still don’t believe that protein is in plants, fruits, or nuts. I have such a hard time with our family accepting the way we eat. Many family members think we are crazy and depriving our kids. We are just wired differently and more educated now. I soon hope that everybody becomes more aware and chooses their foods wisely. Since we started our journey I have been posting pic of food and recipes, in hopes that more and more family will try them out or something…. if I can get one person to try a bean burger or make a plant strong dish once, then I feel good. Hope to meet you someday.

  12. Hey Dina! I’m SO excited to e-meet another plant-based foodie who lives in the OC. Honestly, I’ve met precious few people on a plant-based diet in our area. That’s wonderful that your kiddos transitioned fine. My husband and I don’t have kids, and I can only imagine that the transition was a lot harder for you since your whole family had to make the change. At least you and your husband were united in this. I know a lot of couples where only one person wants to make the change and this is challenging for both parties.

    Like you, my husband and I were strict when we first started the diet but have since relaxed. The biggest thing we’ve relaxed on is processed foods and extracted oil. For the sake of ease and sanity we sometimes eat cheeseless frozen pizzas and use hummus with oil and other not ‘strictly’ plant strong items. I suppose, if I’m being honest with myself, that we slip with sugar too. I kind of went overboard with this over the holidays, but I’m trying to be better now.

    I think it’s positive that you are not being super strict with the choices your kiddo’s make. Like you say, that can lead to negative consequences (like that they’ll rebel when they get older and live off junk food!). You and your husband are providing a positive example and encouraging healthy choices, but allowing your kids to choose. I don’t think you can do better than that!

    Oh, I wanted to write more, but I just realized the time and have to go to an appointment. Anywho, I would love to meet up with you someday. Maybe we can meet at a restaurant some weekend. Where are you in Orange County? I’m in Laguna Beach. Celeste 🙂

  13. Hi Celeste! It’s nice to e-meet you too 🙂 Thanks for checking out my blog as well. Congrats on two years in, I celebrating 3 at the end of next month. I hard to believe its been that long already, time flies when eating yummy food…lol. I glad that your husband’s health has improved so much. Knowing what I know now about just how much of an impact food has on health always makes me question why I never really figured it out before. I suppose there is just so much more knowledge and information in the past few years with the internet than there has been before. Your blog seems like a great resource, I cant wait to try out some of the recipes you have posted!

  14. Nice to “meet” you and what a great story about taking control over your health, and helping so many others along the way.

  15. “but buying leather shoes is like a snort of cocaine to me” Most perfect quote ever! I feel the same way 🙂

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  17. I just found your blog and love it! The name is great! I have been on a strict vegan diet before, but eventually went back to vegetarian. For the reasons you mention (animal welfare being most important to me) I’m working my way back to strictly vegan. Looking forward to checking out more of your blog!

    • Thanks so much for your thoughtful comment Amy! I’m happy to hear that you’re working your way back to veganism. I’ve been vegan for just over two years now and am really loving it. I’m here if you need any support chica!! Oh, and I just checked out your blog and it’s SO great. Your food photography is lovely. Celeste 🙂

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