I Love this Kiddo!

Check him out on Twitter: The Vegan Kid.



About celestedimilla

Hey there. Iā€™m Celeste, California girl, writer, psychotherapist and burgeoning plant-based foodie.
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24 Responses to I Love this Kiddo!

  1. I detect a chicken theme … Great post.

  2. Anne Lene says:

    In this case, you should check this out:
    “Have you hugged your chicken today?” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l1sTIzh-Mqw

  3. M-R says:

    I should dearly like to say the same, but for my absence from TwitBook.

    • Hehe – I’m only on Twitter because one of my girlfriends signed me up for it. You might want to check into it, however. It’s easy to sign up for, and it’s a great way to get publicity. Have a wonderful week! Celeste šŸ™‚

      • M-R says:

        Been there, Celeste – really. I was on Twiitter for about a fortnight. That was enough. Too old and crabby, I think.

  4. Hi Celeste,
    I very much appreciate your link to this young vegan. I may have mentioned that both my grandchildren are vegan. My Grandaughter is almost six and my grandson is almost six. My Grandaughter just knows that not using animals is just what we do-that it is the kind and compassionate thing to do. I do believe that the Vegan children of this world will be the ones to effect permanent change on the path that we are laying for them! It gives me such hope.

    • I’ve only met a few vegan kiddos, and they’ve all impressed me. My blogger friend, Poppy (http://bunnykitchen.com/2014/04/) went vegetarian as a kid, and she did it of her own accord. It impresses me when children make compassionate decisions like this. I think it’s WONDERFUL that your grandchildren are vegan. And yes, vegan children will be the ones who will make a difference. I SO believe that. Thank you for all that you do in support of veganism Annie – you are making a difference too. Celeste šŸ™‚

  5. Two-I meant to say, my grandson is almost two–Oops!

  6. Aww how sweet is that !? I’m not a a vegan but things like this and blogs like yours prompt me to think over it.

  7. rumpydog says:

    That kid definitely warrants a Pinterest pin!

  8. carmen says:


    We had a hen just like her and we loved her soooo much!! It was a joy to look out my kitchen window watching her forge around the garden, so cute!! My son rescued her and it was the beginning of finding out the horror of the egg “industry”. Up till then we used to buy eggs, after that we stopped eating eggs because I cannot support such a cruel industry, where the males are killed after hatching and the females endure a horrible life stuffed in battery cages with other hens, never able to even stretch their wings, then slaughtered when they are “spent”.

    So thankful for you and Jean, and all the compassionate people who help make this world a better place!!

    ā¤ carmen

  9. I am so glad you told me about him! What a neat story for a kid! A kid to make a difference!

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