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Master List Of Vegan Info

Originally posted on The Legacy Of Pythagoras:
On Veganism: Disclaimer: My only goal with this list is to produce as comprehensive a resource for Vegan information as possible. I am 100% Abolitionist Vegan and 100% against exploitation of nonhuman or…

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Was Noah Really Vegan?

    When I spoke to my mom the other day, she suggested I see the movie, Noah. “Is it good?” I asked. “No, I give it one or one and a half stars, but I think you’ll like it … Continue reading

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On October 2nd, I wrote the post, Popcorn Activism, A Fun Way to Help Animals. The basis of Popcorn Activism is to use movies like, Vegucated, to promote awareness about veganism. To generate interest in this idea, I hosted a giveaway of a signed copy … Continue reading

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If I were rich, I’d pay to show the movie Vegucated (a documentary that follows three New Yorker’s who agree to go vegan for six weeks to learn what it’s all about) in theaters so people could see it for free … Continue reading

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