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I Binged Last Night!

My husband and I had a casual get-together last night. After our guests went home, Paul took our dog for a potty walk while I cleaned up. The first thing I did was to wrap up the goodies so I … Continue reading

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Green Orange Julius

My sister-in-law, Jeanne, will be visiting in a couple of weeks. This will be her first time in California, and I’m looking forward to being her tour guide. I’m also excited about initiating her to a plant-based diet. Don’t get … Continue reading

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They Say it’s Vegetarian, but…

I didn’t feel like cooking last night, so I went a local Chinese restaurant for take out. While looking over the menu, a friendly employee asked if she could make any suggestions for me. I told her I was vegan … Continue reading

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Ruby’s Diner – Not So Vegan-Friendly

Last Sunday was busy! After having lunch in Beverly Hills at LA Vegan Crepe, my husband and I drove to Ventura to handle an issue with our rental property. On our way home we planned to eat dinner at Zephyr … Continue reading

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Is There Life After Dairy?

If someone suggested I give up dairy two years ago, I’d have laughed. I wouldn’t have even considered it. How could I? That would mean giving up cheese, butter and ice cream. I couldn’t do that! After chocolate, they were … Continue reading

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“Skinny” Chocolate Shake

My ex-husband should have been a teenager in the 50’s. Not only did he look like James Dean, but he loved cruising in his big ol’ white Dodge with 50’s music cranked and hanging out at 50’s diners. This was … Continue reading

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Roasted Pepper and Zucchini Pizza

My mother-in-law, Rose, was born in Italy, and cooks the Italian way. Food is fresh, simple, tasty, plentiful, prepared with love and savored with family and friends over a bottomless glass of vino. There’s no denying that Rose is a … Continue reading

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Three Reasons You Must Try “Peace Pies” In Ocean Beach

Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate! More on that in a minute, but first; lunch. After a morning hike in San Diego, my husband and I ate at Peace Pies in Ocean Beach http://peacepies.com/. It’s a tiny place that we had to drive … Continue reading

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My Victory

On Valentine’s Day I set up a smoothie cleanse challenge for myself. I vowed to put nothing in my mouth on February 15, 2013 except healthy green smoothies and water. Being the foodie that I am, I wasn’t sure if … Continue reading

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Smoothie Cleanse Challenge

I’ve only succeeded with fasting once in my life. I was in my late 20’s on a cross country trip with my much younger, free-wheeling sister. The plan was to leisurely drive up the California coast and then head east … Continue reading

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