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Are Cats and Dogs People, or Toasters? A Primer on Pet Personhood

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David Grimm  “Dogs Are People, Too”. So ran the headline of a New York Times op-ed over the weekend. The piece, written by Emory University neuroscientist Gregory Burns, argued that because dogs experience some of…

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Charlie, Too Much Chocolate Cake and a Pity Party

While walking my dog, Mambo, this morning, I ran into a woman with a charming little dog. Our dogs hit it off, so we walked together. The woman told me that she was fostering Charlie and if I was interested, I could … Continue reading

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For as long as I remember, my dad’s been the guy at family gatherings who makes everyone pose for a photograph. And then another one, and then another one and then… Since he retired, it’s not just my family that … Continue reading

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