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On New Year’s Day my sister told me that she and her partner were going vegan for the new year. I was SO excited that my lifestyle had finally rubbed off on them. I knew this would help them with … Continue reading

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I’ve been vegan for two years and have yet to visit a farm sanctuary. There’s one not far from me in LA, and I keep telling myself I’m gonna to go, but… Well, you know – life gets in the … Continue reading

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Are Cats and Dogs People, or Toasters? A Primer on Pet Personhood

Originally posted on Animal Blawg:
David Grimm  “Dogs Are People, Too”. So ran the headline of a New York Times op-ed over the weekend. The piece, written by Emory University neuroscientist Gregory Burns, argued that because dogs experience some of…

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On October 2nd, I wrote the post, Popcorn Activism, A Fun Way to Help Animals. The basis of Popcorn Activism is to use movies like, Vegucated, to promote awareness about veganism. To generate interest in this idea, I hosted a giveaway of a signed copy … Continue reading

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Compassionate Farmer Gives Up Dairy Farm

On Mother’s Day I posted A Moo-ving Mother’s Day Story about a cow that hid its calf to prevent it from being taken away from her. When the farmer discovered the calf, however; he still took it away. A sad … Continue reading

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Can a Dog Be Vegan?

Going plant-based is tough in the beginning, so when my husband and I first made the transition, we watched a lot of plant-based movies to keep us motivated. One night we watched Vegucated, a documentary that follows three meat loving … Continue reading

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