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Donut Panic Cause San Diego Has Awesome Vegan Donuts

It’s been a long time since I’ve blogged, and to be honest I won’t be blogging much anymore. It was consuming too much time and taking away from other important things (like work!). That being said, I will post when … Continue reading

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Baking for Street Children

Originally posted on Bunny Kitchen:
So I am home from my incredible USA adventure which you will hear lots more of shortly, but not before I share with you the bake sale I ran on Tuesday¬†to raise funds for street…

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A Guarenteed Way to Lose Weight (but I Don’t Recommend It)

A week ago I shared that I was going on a 21-Day Diet. My report for the first week is that I lost a lot of weight – yea! I can’t credit my will power, however. I lost the weight … Continue reading

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If We Were Perfect…

I’ve got the flu! The only thing I can manage doing today is a little reading. Right now I’m reading about self compassion and came across this fab quote. If we were perfect, we wouldn’t be human; we’d be Barbie … Continue reading

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Super Cute

Originally posted on Mud 'n Feathers:
A Japanese dwarf flying squirrel. Too cute for words!

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The Plant Plate

I love this plant-based infographic! I can see at a glance that I’m doing fine overall except that I’m overdoing it on the nuts and seeds. I suppose I should temper my almond butter love affair. Maybe after Valentine’s Day.

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To Genetically Modify Or To Not Genetically Modify? The Question Continues…

When I heard that foods were being modified to produce their own pesticides, I became concerned. That just sounds SO unhealthy! Still, I have to admit that I know little about GMO’s. So today I’m sharing a GMO guest post … Continue reading

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God Has Spoken

… and now you don’t have to …

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Unlucky Rabbit’s Foot By Celeste DiMilla (Guest Blogger)

My blogger buddy, Renard Moreau, recently asked me if I’d write a guest post for him. I love his inspirational blog, and I was honored to do this. Of course I had to reblog what I wrote, so here it … Continue reading

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Hippie Hot Springs – Part 4

I’m on vacation, so I won’t be able to blog this week. Instead of leaving my blog empty, I’ve decided to share a fun¬†journal entry I wrote during my vegan transition. It’s too long for a blog post, so I’ve … Continue reading

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