Fresh Pork Sausage Prank – I’m Not Laughing!


My friend, Ivonne, sent me a link to a candid camera style video. The setup was in a supermarket where a guy gave customers samples of cooked sausage and then tried to get them to buy fresh sausage that he was cranking out of a machine on the spot.

Whenever a customer wanted to buy fresh sausage, however; the machine was empty. But this was not a problem because the sausage man had live piglets on hand. So for each customer, he put a piglet into the machine and ground sausage from it.

Despite the fact that no one had a problem tasting the cooked sausage, customers were horrified when the piglet was ground before their eyes. One woman even hit the sausage man with her purse.

It’s a gag, of course, and the piglet is not actually harmed. But isn’t it interesting?

Here’s a link to the video. This is actually a shorter version of the video Ivonne sent me, which I can’t locate.

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Hey there. I’m Celeste, California girl, writer, psychotherapist and burgeoning plant-based foodie.
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40 Responses to Fresh Pork Sausage Prank – I’m Not Laughing!

  1. Oh wow! While reading this story, my hand flew over my mouth in shock! Happy to know it was just a gag. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  2. Mychael M. says:

    I’m not laughing, either, Celeste. Unfortunately, most everyone there went ahead and bought sausage anyway after being disgusted and repulsed. I’ll be sharing that one.

    • Hey Mychael! I know the clip I posted here is different than the one I saw, but I thought no one bought the sausage after this prank. If that’s the case, then I really, really don’t get people. I’m glad you’re gonna share this. Oh, and happy Valentine’s Day. Celeste 🙂

  3. Celeste, I saw this weird video years back. Makes you wonder, where the hell do people THINK their pork sausages come from?

  4. Lauzan says:

    People do not think, according to me. Meat in supermarkets is “just” food, to eat. Where it comes from is not an issue. So sad…

    • You don’t know how much this saddens me Lauzan. Just two years ago, I was like that too. I never connected eating a hamburger with the cow it came from. And now I can’t understand how I could have ever been that way and I just want everyone to wake up. Unfortunately, waking people up is not an easy thing to do. Thanks for your comment! Celeste 🙂

      • Lauzan says:

        Thank you Celeste! No it’s not easy I agree with you, but we woke up! Media talk more and more about diet, animal rights, healthy food…something is changing! I’m sure.

  5. I agree with everyone else’s comment above me!!!! That’s horrible, and are people really so naive????

    • Hey there Elaine! Yes, yes, yes people really are that naïve. I know this because it’s exactly the way I used to be. Now it just saddens me. Thanks for your comment chica! Celeste 🙂

      • Yesterday my son had his first lesson in resistant materials at school and they are starting with woodwork. The first thing the teacher did was make them do outside and look at trees, and he didn’t understand why. I explained that I thought it was a great idea and that the teacher was showing them exactly where the wood came from, and that the pencil in his hand was once a part of a tree. I then relayed this piglet story to him to make the point about understanding where things came from…I could literally see the cogs in his brain turning…food for thought methinks!

    • If only all parents were like you chica!!! 🙂

  6. It was quite fascinating. Great example of the hypocrisy people have around food. Cute little animals in one box in their head and pieces of meat on plastic trays in the supermarket in another box. And the two aren’t connected – or they choose not to connect the two.

    i thought it was clever, but personally I wouldn’t have shown them the piglet at the end. ‘Oh, so the piglet is ok after all, so we can happily eat our sausages made from piglets we haven’t seen.’

    Vegetarian/vegan sausages are pretty good these days. The ones we buy are made out of tofu. I’ve had some veg ones out and thought it was a scam and that they were actually pork/beef. After all, most sausages are full of breadcrumbs or whatever anyway. The ones at our local supermarket go very quickly when they come in. Either Gibraltar is full of vegetarians or those pesky meat eaters are eating MY sausages.

    I bought some vegideli sage and onion slices a couple of days ago. Another product that goes in no time at all. I bought three packs, must remind partner to get another three when he goes shopping today. Why are the decent veg*n products the only ones the supermarket runs out of?

    • Thanks for your thoughtful comment! The disconnect between meat and animals is so strange to me. Until I went vegan two years ago, I would have been just like the people in this video. It’s just so odd! Anyway, I agree with you that veggie sausages are pretty good these days. I love the Fieldroast brand sausages – they’re so good! Celeste 🙂

  7. Hi Celeste,
    It is all about that nasty disconnect! We have to keep presenting the truth with our words, our actions, our convictions, so that, in the words of Jo-Anne McArthur, we can get people not to turn away.
    Great post!

  8. junefit says:

    I am disgusted, and even as a prank I consider this abuse. I would never shop at this supermarket, and I think locals should petition against the company.

  9. aviliaway says:

    I saw this a while ago (the Brazilian version of it: and think it’s a great prank! Even though it is probably not meant to be animal activism, I think it is! It makes people think about what/who they’re eating. I’m sure if I hadn’t already been vegan when watching the video, I would’ve been after that!

    • I was wondering if this prank might wake some people up and help them make the connect between animals and meat. I bet you’re right that it would. If that’s the case, I hope a lot of people check out the video. Thanks so much for stopping by – I appreciate it! Celeste 🙂

  10. Becky says:

    What’s interesting to me is how angry folks get sometimes when you challenge that disconnect between animal foods and the actual animals.

  11. mrsnikkiv says:

    Great post! Most people just don’t stop to think about what they are supporting by voting with their dollar. I recently had a long conversation with a coworker who didn’t realize that cow’s milk only comes from cows that have recently given birth. He’s nearing 50 and had no idea. I was glad he had asked about it, because I was never going to push it on him, but obviously he needed to know!

  12. Laura says:

    Oh man. I think I’d cry. But also, I’d never buy sausage, so I’d avoid said prank…

  13. josy7272 says:

    It is a good one ! Wake up people! Where did you think sausages came from ! I do not eat sausage but I did trick my friend with tempeh sausage burger !

  14. Flexible morals. Convenient disconnect.

  15. diahannreyes says:

    Great post. You, AnimalMikeLane, and Heartbound are doing a great job standing up for animals–I’ve decided to try giving up beef, pork, and lamb (a huge part of my diet)-we’ll see how it goes.

  16. Ralph says:

    I agree that’s not funny 😦 Ralph xox

  17. Leandra says:

    I like this video. It really makes you think.

  18. I think that if most people actually saw lil piglets or calves in the supermarket–they would not buy “meat”. This experiment really does a good job of exposing the disconnect most people have when they just see “meat” vs the live animal just about to get slaughtered.

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  20. Shannon says:

    Oh my. I would pay money to see that happening LIVE in a grocery near me (the prank, that is). I live in serious meat country, and most people get theirs in nice cellophane packages. That is just awesome. Sorry I missed this earlier!

    • Maybe you should do the prank Shannon and have someone video it. I’d pay to see you doing this prank – I know you could pull it off. And it would be interesting to see how people in “meat country” respond to it. Think about it chica!

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