Seabirds Kitchen – OC’s New Vegan Hot Spot!


BBQ Jack Slider from Seabirds Kitchen

My ex-husbands main sustenance was Doritos, M & M’s, fast food and Mountain Dew. I didn’t eat healthfully back then either, but at least I ate my veggies. My ex hated all veggies except for Brussels sprouts, the one veggie I abhorred (hmmm… maybe he just said he liked them because he knew I’d never make them).

So when my current husband and I went to a tasting dinner at Seabird’s Kitchen, a new plant-based restaurant in Costa Mesa, I was looking forward to everything except the Burnt Brussels. Being open, however; I tried them. Amazingly, I LOVED them! This was a fabulous sign.


Burnt Brussels from Seabirds Kitchen

After a second helping of Burnt Brussels my hubby and I tasted a variety of savory starters and mains. Everything was delish (as the Burnt Brussels foretold), but the BBQ Jack Sliders were my favorite. I’d never tasted jackfruit before but somehow Chef Morgan made it taste like sweet, salty pulled pork. (I know that some vegans don’t like foods that taste like meat, but I’m okay with it as long as no animal was harmed).

My husband, on the other hand, went coo coo over the Tahitian Squash Flatbread. This flatbread was loaded with pureed squash, caramelized onions, smoked paprika, Tuscan Kale and aged balsamic. A great appetizer to share (as long as you get the Burnt Brussels too – hehe).

Then for dessert we had a Chaffle, a churro waffle generously dressed with coconut sorbet, chocolate sauce and chopped pecans. This was fantastic! We plan to go back and have it for brunch one day soon.

I’m sure you’ve guessed that my hubby and I loved this place. We’re not alone either, they have a 4.5 rating on Yelp and even non-vegan restaurant critic Anita (aka – Mad Hungry Woman) gave them a glowing review.

And the icing on the cake is their location in The LAB Antimall, the coolest, funkiest shopping center I’ve ever been to. You’ve got to check out Seabirds Kitchen and hang out at The LAB (and please invite me to come along!).


The LAB Antimall

Photo Credits

I’m just going to unabashadely admit that these photos are not mine – why mince words and apologize? The food photos are from Diary of a Mad Hungry Woman and The LAB Antimall photo is courtesy of


About celestedimilla

Hey there. I’m Celeste, California girl, writer, psychotherapist and burgeoning plant-based foodie.
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49 Responses to Seabirds Kitchen – OC’s New Vegan Hot Spot!

  1. Burnt Brussels sound good! And the loaded flatbreads too.. Now that I’m back to blogging I have to be prepared to drool over unattainable food, again! Darn!

    • Hey there Priya! It’s a pleasure to hear from you chica!!! Sorry to make you drool when you can’t get to this place. Then again, you could come out here for a visit and I can take you to all the awesome vegan restaurants in my area. That would be a blast! Have a lovely week! Celeste 🙂

  2. I’m glad to hear there is a new veggie restaurant in Costa Mesa! It sounds fabulous 🙂

  3. That looks great 🙂 and nice to hear I’m not the only ‘recycled’ one!!

  4. Presentation really improves desire, doesn’t it? I bet even non-veggies would love this – it looks so yummy, blessings,

    • Presentation certainly is king! And I know non-veggies would love this restaurant. I even linked to a non-vegan restaurant critic who wrote a glowing review for this place. I want to go back and try some of their bowl meals, the Holy Smokes Bowl sounds especially enticing. Thanks for reading and for your support chica – I appreciate it! Celeste 🙂

  5. glad you got a chance to try it!! i love the burnt brussel sprouts and the bbq jack sliders too. my favorite is the holy smokes bowl. you should try it some time. it has brown rice, grilled bbq jackfruit, sautéed greens, yams, pickled red onion, coconut bacon…. mmmmm. i also love their locally brewed cha cha kombucha. the guy who owns that company makes different seasonal batches. my all time favorite was the orange clove around the holidays. best i’ve tasted!! we live less than a mile away, so we are grateful to be so close to it and native foods across the street to walk to when we want.

    • Ooh, the Holy Smokes Bowl caught my eye and it’s what I plan to order the next time I go. How fortunate that you live less than a mile away from The LAB and The Camp – I love those shopping centers. Lots of fab vegan choices in your area for sure. We aren’t so lucky in Laguna Beach, but I’ve heard that Healthy Junk will be opening up a restaurant near us soon. We do have a Native Foods not too far away in Aliso Viejo that we go to A LOT! Thanks so much for your comment chica – have a lovely week! Celeste 🙂

      • you’re welcome! we are very lucky here in the la and oc areas in general, aren’t we? so many choices, not too far to support our vegan lifestyles. have a great week too! ❤

  6. stacilys says:

    So, you did end up liking the burnt brussels after all. Good stuff. Looks like a great place. When I saw their food truck on TV I was convinced it was a ‘have to try’. Maybe if I ever get to California I’ll get that chance.
    Blessings =)

    • I seriously couldn’t believe that I loved those Burnt Brussels, but boy were they good. I think they were my favorite item we had at the tasting dinner. I plan to write a follow up post about Chef Morgan’s transition from working on Wall Street to starting her vegan food truck and then opening her restaurant, so stay tuned for that.

      Oh, and I hope you get to California one day chica!!! I would love to go to Seabirds Kitchen with you (and to a bunch of other great vegan restaurants). Please let me know if you ever get out this way!!! Have an awesome week! Celeste 🙂

      • stacilys says:

        Woohoo! Would love to have to a ‘Vegan restaurant’ tour guide. Who knows, maybe one day.
        Looking forward to your write up about Chef Morgan.

  7. saplingvegan says:

    Didn’t know about this place! Thanks 🙂

  8. Ralph says:

    Hi Celeste 😀 Burnt brussel sprouts !! Whatever next !! I suppose the carbon helps to detox the body 😀 I used to hate BS boiled in water until I added chopped mint leaves to give the BS a zing. See, I’m not just a thorn in your side 😉 Ralph xox 😀

    • Actually, carbon is really, really BAD for you (discovered this in my human biology class). I usually avoid burnt food for this reason, but it sure did make the sprouts taste good. I’ll have to try your chopped mint trick Ralph. And I’m wondering, can you read my mind? I ask because I’m wondering how on earth you knew I thought you were a thorn on my side – hehe;)

      • Ralph says:

        They sell bottles of carbon in Health stores. Oh well there are too many experts on both sides I suppose 😉

        Of course I can read your mind …… it’s a bit blank at the moment 😉 hehe

  9. I believe that Brussels sprouts are one of the most controversial vegetables out there. People usually don’t like them, but I think it is just a way of preparation that we are opposed to. I don’t like them boiled, but roasted in oven, with onions, walnuts, pepper, paprika, sesame seeds and a barley syrup… What a bliss! 🙂

  10. A friend of mine turned me onto to brussel sprouts and I just love them. I grill them in olive oil and then spray them with balsemic vinegar. And I had jack fruit when I was in Malaysia. Jack Fruit is amazing it taste just like gummy bears. I have never had it cooked though just as raw fruit.

  11. That looks wonderful!

  12. deliciouslynell says:

    That sounds like a great night out. :3

  13. I love the sounds of all of it!! Funny about the Brussels sprouts. They’re terrible until they’re cooked right, and then they’re wonderful!!

  14. Everything sounds so good! Seriously, everyone I know who hates brussel sprouts tries them roasted and caramelized, and they fall in love. 🙂

  15. Paula says:

    thanks so much for stopping by. i know i am bad about repaying the visit. i was just thinking about you the last several days. you must have ‘heard’ me. 🙂

  16. Paula says:

    my mom use to say, you never know if you like it till you try it. most of the time, i didn’t like it. 🙂 she made me eat it anyway.

  17. vickybhogal says:

    Can’t wait to try this place when I’m back in the OC next month!! THANK YOU!

    • Wonderful – you’ll love it!! You might also want to go to The Camp, a similar shopping center across the street from The LAB Antimall and go to Native Foods (another vegan restaurant). My favorite dishes at Native Foods are their Portobello Burger and the Soul Bowl. There’s also a raw vegan restaurant at The Camp called 118 Degrees. I’ve only been to this place once, and it was okay. I’m really not a raw food fan, but they did have an awesome kale salad there. Have a fab weekend!! Celeste 🙂

  18. I love ‘burnt Brussels’ and cook them often. I pretentiously tell myself I am caramelising them – but in reality, I only ever burn them 🙂

    • Hehe – caramelized, burn’t, as long as they taste yummy! I’ve noticed some restaurants use the term, “blackened” for burnt items too which kind of cracks me up. Celeste 🙂

  19. reocochran says:

    My daughter does this with her brussel sprouts, slices them, fries them in olive oil until they are almost burnt… yummy! I love her kale chips with olive oil and sea salt, but we found that they don’t taste good burnt! Very touchy processes! Smiles, Robin

  20. reocochran says:

    Celeste, this concerns me, I just had to go back to several posts, I had ‘liked’ (and seen my gravatar appear over the past 2 weeks!) only to find it gone again! I even commented on a few, and pressed ‘like!’ I guess it may be wordpress’ fault but am letting you know this was liked a few days back… Robin

  21. Poppy says:

    Ok all I’m hearing is churro waffle. I pray they still have this when I come!! And I’ve been wanting to try jackfruit for ages, I’ve not seen it anywhere here! And I love Brussels sprouts, so I’m sure to love those burnt beauties! 🙂

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