I Don’t Miss It!


Hey all! I’m still on vacation and I wasn’t planning to post until I got home, but I miss you guys. By the way, I’m SO sorry that I haven’t been keeping up with reading blogs lately, but I’ve been busy with the holidays and helping my sis plan her wedding. I’ll catch up when I get home in a couple of weeks. I’ll also tell you about my trip and the weddings I’m attending, including my sister’s surprise wedding cake.

Today, however; I want to share a great quote I came across while I was reading The Vegucaton of Robin on the drive from Solvang to San Francisco. First, let me say that I’m loving this book! It’s by Robin Quivers, Howard Stern’s side kick. You don’t have to be a Howard Stern fan (I’m not!) to love it either. It’s just a well written account of Robin’s transition to a plant-based diet.

After transitioning to a plant-based diet, Robin wrote…

“…I was out for dinner with a group of friends. I was happily munching on my salad and steamed vegetables when the waiter put down this huge thing of jumbo shrimp in front of the man to my right. These things were enormous, almost like lobster tails, and this guy was grabbing his shrimp and throwing them on his plate and sawing them with his knife and he was gnawing them and chewing and chewing and he turned to me, mouth still full of crustacean carcass, and said, “Don’t-cha feel bad that you can’t do this?” And I thought, Yeah, I feel bad for the shrimp! Because I really didn’t feel like I was missing out. I didn’t feel bad that I was looking better than I had in almost 20 years. I didn’t feel bad that I was no longer relying on doctors or pills or hoping and praying to make it past fifty without a chronic disease. In fact I was feeling pretty good.”

I can SO relate, can you?

Photo courtesy of blisstree.com.


About celestedimilla

Hey there. I’m Celeste, California girl, writer, psychotherapist and burgeoning plant-based foodie.
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33 Responses to I Don’t Miss It!

  1. wardieward says:

    Wait until our Shrimp muncher gets kidney stones. It’s payback time for Shrimp at that point.

  2. vegainvianen says:

    I can definitely relate to that, Celeste. What I loved about this Christmas is that no-one said anything about me missing out on meat, or that they missed meat in the dishes I made (they say that jokingly when they say it, but still 🙂 ). Enjoy all your celebrations!


    yes! beautifully written.
    happy, healthy and prosperous new year, celeste! and see you in 2014, a greener and happier year! 😀

  4. Laura says:

    Glad you’re having a busy and happy holiday season – can’t wait to hear about it! Definitely love that quote – and completely agree!

  5. lizziefit says:

    I can so relate as well… I hate when people automatically assume you miss it and you’re depriving yourself someone. I don’t miss a single aspect of my pre-veg life!

  6. foodbod says:

    What a brilliant quote, I love it! I can absolutely relate to it too!! I hope you’ve had a great Christmas, Celeste! and I hope that the wedding goes well xx

  7. Sophie33 says:

    I am happy that you are enjoying your time away!

    Happy & healthy 2014 to you, dear Celeste & your loved ones & have a great foodie year in 2014!!! Cheers! xxx

  8. the vegan style revivalist says:

    Thank goodness for those of us who “can’t do this!”. Enjoy your busy holidays!

  9. How great Celeste! Happy new year!

  10. Ralph says:

    Hi Celeste 😀 I bet you were also driving while reading this book 😉 Come home safely !!
    May I wish you and your family the happiest of 2014. Big hug. Ralph xox 😀

    • I was absolutely driving while reading Ralph – I’m ‘that’ talented!!! Happy New Year Ralph! And by the way, you’d better put on your ear muffs tomorrow (I don’t want my brother’s wedding celebration to disturb you!). 😉

      • Ralph says:

        My !! You are so talented Celeste !!
        I have a cat’s tail pushed into each ear to drown out the noise. 😉 Have a fun day my friend. xox

  11. I am pleased to say that I convinced someone to go vegetarian after she told me about her love of popcorn shrimp. I asked her to consider that every single little shrimp, enjoyed for just a quick moment, was an entire life. Every bite was a life gone, just for her to have one moment of satisfaction. She told me the next time I saw her that it really helped her connect to the animal in her food.
    Happy new year to you Celeste! I just updated my blogroll to include Honk If You’re Vegan, it’s wonderful! Glad you’re here!

    • What a great story Sarina! It’s wonderful when someone actually listens to us when we talk about veganism, and when they go vegan it’s a REAL celebration! A very happy new year to you too Sarina. And thanks so much for adding me to your blogroll – I really appreciate it!! 🙂

  12. Emy Will says:

    Hi Celeste. Please see my comment about your blog on this link. http://emynow.wordpress.com/2013/12/29/wow-wonderful-other-wordpress-bloggers-2013/?
    All the best for 2014:)

  13. Ramona P says:

    I read Quivers book too, it is a good read. Happy and healthy New Year!

  14. Hi! Hope you are enjoying your vacation. (For some reason I couldn’t pull up your site and several others for a week.). Your requested post is up and running and receiving a lot of hits. Hope it meets with your approval. I wasn’t sure how it would be received but thankfully we live under grace and it received many positive comments. Whew. 🙂 Blessings and Happy New Year my friend,

  15. Jess says:

    Hi Celeste! I was wondering if you’d like to guest post on my blog on why you are vegan and the importance of a healthy lifestyle. Let me know; I’d love for you to share!

  16. carmen says:

    Look forward to hearing about your trip Celeste! I am happy to eat my delicious, nutritious and appetizing plant-based diet. Dead animals are unappetizing. I have to turn away when I see someone chewing a chicken’s leg, so disgusting! Like eating a dog’s leg–unthinkable!!! Lately, I don’t even want to go to dinner where animals are eaten, because the smell and sight of animal carcasses on plates, and images of suffering makes it a sad experience. Whereas eating with my vegan friends and family is so enjoyable.

    I have my vegan story ready. Thanks for your patience! 🙂
    ♥ carmen

    • Hey Carmen! Ooh, I’m so excited to hear that you have your vegan story ready. I’m still on vacation, so I’ll get back to you about it in a few days. Happy New Year and I’ll talk to you soon! Celeste 🙂

  17. Michael Lane says:

    I don’t miss it, either. Happy New Year Celeste 🙂

  18. FittyUpdike says:

    Just came across your blog! So far I’m loving it. I’m not vegan, but I was vegetarian for a short while… I do cook vegan a lot for my daughter because she has a lot of food allergies so I’m always looking for goodies to bake for her.
    Thanks for the info, i’m thinking about checking out that book you mentioned.

    • I’m so happy that you came across my blog!! Vegan or not vegan, you’re welcome here! I just checked out your blog and love it too. You seem like such a fun, wonderful mom to your daughter. It’s a pleasure to e-meet you and I look forward to getting to know you better. Celeste 🙂

  19. I think I saw a Howard Stern movie on a date and I’d liked the relationship he had with Robin. Maybe I’ll make time for the book….Enjoy your vacation:)

  20. Healthy Body says:

    It’s amazing for people to think that going vegan means you are missing out on something. Well I’m sure glad to be missing out on choosing to be unhealthy.

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