Can you lower your hereditary cholesterol? Naturally?

I don’t like to reblog too many posts, but I had to share Anne’s inspiring story. I have several friends and family members who have high cholesterol, and I want them to see this. You really can lower your cholesterol through diet. My husband did it, Anne did it and you can too! Congrats Anne – you’re doing great chica! 🙂

Anne Sture Tucker

Yes, absolutely you can!


I never thought it would be, because my doctor told me –

“young lady, you have the hereditary kind of high cholesterol and that means no matter what you do, you will never be able to lower it naturally. The only way for you is medication.” 

So, for the past 10-12 years, I have been on statins – every single day I popped a pill, to help me to keep a low count on my cholesterol.

However, other health problems inspired me into changing my lifestyle.

And today, I can celebrate 3 years with normal cholesterol levels and no medication!

So does that mean you need to be on a really restricted diet? No desserts, no streaks on the BBQ, no butter, no cheese, no life…….no fun ?

Nope – I eat everything and I have lots of fun!

So how do I do it?


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Hey there. I’m Celeste, California girl, writer, psychotherapist and burgeoning plant-based foodie.
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4 Responses to Can you lower your hereditary cholesterol? Naturally?

  1. Mike Lince says:

    A great success story and a timely reminder for me to get off my butt and get some exercise! I hope all is well with you this holiday season. LAH (Love And Hugs) – Mike

    • Hey Mike! How the heck are ya? From the posts you write, it seems like you and Florence are on the go walking and touring all the time. Then again, writing certainly involves a lot of butt sitting. Any you know me so well, LAH is new to me so thanks for writing it out! Sending you guys some holiday cheer! Celeste 🙂

  2. Thank you so much, Celeste, for the reblog of my post! I was able to lower my cholesterol naturally and I’m passionate about passing that message on to others. So grateful for your help spreading the word! Sending you love XXXX

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