Thoughts from a vegan artist…

I want to introduce all of my readers to Robbie. He’s an awesome 19-year-old artist who is using his art to help people become aware of world problems including Factory Farming. If you haven’t checked out his site, I encourage you to do so. 🙂

Green Instincts

I have had this blog for quite a few months now but realized I’ve never shared my experience with any of you followers. So here goes.


I am 19 years old from London, England. Throughout my life, my experiences have changed, altering my views about vegetarianism and health but never really changed my instinctive interior thoughts. I first experimented with vegetarianism out of compassion for animals when I was 12 years old. I have always had a vegetarian auntie and uncle who inspired me. However my parents would paint a picture in my head that you can’t be healthy as a vegetarian.

I was thrown by the documentary ‘The Collective Evolution II: The human experience’ which, in general, forced my interior consciousness to try to align with the exterior world. I decided to go vegetarian (then vegan not long later) after watching ‘101 reasons to go vegan’ and conveniently, the same…

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About celestedimilla

Hey there. I’m Celeste, California girl, writer, psychotherapist and burgeoning plant-based foodie.
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4 Responses to Thoughts from a vegan artist…

  1. aviliaway says:

    Thanks for sharing! I’m inspired by this wonderful man 🙂

  2. reocochran says:

    This was a great post and I think it is so cool that he is helping people to become more aware of world problems through his artistic talent! Thanks for sharing this with us! Hugs, Robin

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