Is Your Grocery Store Safe?


I recently discovered the blog, Welcome to Abby’s Kitchen, and love it! Abby’s got lots of great healthy recipes, but I also enjoy reading her thoughts about health care, food and well-being. Her take on these issues is especially powerful since she’s a registered nurse and is certified in plant-based nutrition. Today I thought I’d share some of Abby’s thoughts. Here’s what she has to say:

Is Your Grocery Store Safe?

“Hi, my name is Abby Carson, and I am a wife, mother, and registered nurse.  I worked for several years in a cardiac step down unit at Washington Hospital Center and Georgetown University Hospital, and, as a result of this experience, became aware of how both our diet and health care systems are failing us.

With respect to grocery stores, they have become hazardous waste dumps, requiring knowledgeable and informed shoppers to avoid the many dangers on the shelves. There are so many chemicals, preservatives, refined sugars, refined flours, toxins, and genetically engineered substances added to our food that it boggles the mind.  It’s critical to be vigilant in reading not just the calorie label, but the entire ingredient list. If you can’t pronounce it, don’t eat it.  Support organic and sustainable farming. If you have the ability, grow your own garden.  It’s been said that growing your own food is like printing your own money.

With respect to our healthcare system, it has been corrupted by corporate interests and greed.  Instead of treating underlying diseases, symptoms are treated with a “pill for every ill”.  Patients with chronic diseases have become cash cows, being diagnosed earlier and earlier to get them into the system, and onto a lifetime of pharmaceutical drugs.  Preventative measures such as lifestyle and nutrition have gone by the wayside, as the FDA, USDA, EPA, the CDC focus not on our well-being, but instead on the profitability of the big agricultural and pharmaceutical interests. Why do other countries take steps to protect their citizens from GMOs, harmful foods and harmful additives, while our government is run by the same people who produce these poisons?

I encourage you to take charge of your own health. Take care of your loved ones by eating and feeding yourself and those you love real food, and not the food-like products that line store shelves.”

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Hey there. I’m Celeste, California girl, writer, psychotherapist and burgeoning plant-based foodie.
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27 Responses to Is Your Grocery Store Safe?

  1. Laura says:

    Totally agree with this! Stick to the edges as much as possible!

    • After adopting a plant-based diet, I remember shopping at Albertsons and being amazed at how little I could actually buy from the store. Then I felt sad when I thought about how many people buy and eat junk every week not even realizing the harm they’re doing to their bodies. I hope my little blog will help people to become more aware. Thanks so much for your comment! Celeste 🙂

  2. You know, Celeste, I’ve been thinking about grocery store, food labels, and advertisements for a while now, and it makes me kind of angry and shocked. So many adverts on TV and on billboards for colas, sugary biscuits, “natural” juices, potato crisps, fast food places. And in the store, so many things I see people pick up and put in their baskets that I think are absolute horrors masquerading as food. But who’ll speak up and represent the vegetables, fruits, unprocessed grains and nuts? Who’ll make them accessible, available, cheap? I start to get very worried if I start on this path. I’m thinking nutrition awareness courses in high school or something… we have to make a start somewhere!

    • Thank you for your thoughtful comment Priya! I’m totally with you!!! Advertisers hit us from every angle with adds for junk and convenience foods that are harming our health. With processed foods so readily available, plentiful and pushed on us, it’s hard to resist. What’s worse is that so many of us don’t even realize how unhealthful we’re eating. I was certainly clueless before I took a healthy cooking class at Whole Foods Market.

      I think the government would be wise to speak up for fruits, vegetables and unprocessed grains. And if they helped to make such products cheap that would be awesome!!! Unfortunately, the opposite is happening. The book Meatonomics is a great resource for understanding this. Here’s a link in case you’re interested:

      I think nutrition courses in high schools is a great idea, but… The problem with that is that the government would determine what to teach and the government is part of the problem! Would the government really promote healthy eating, or would they instead promote what will be profitable for the big agricultural and pharmaceutical interests? I’m guessing the latter.

      It’s very sad, but at least we can get the word out in a grass roots way with our blogs. Hopefully if enough of us raise our voices, things will change in time.

      Thanks for your comment chica!! Celeste 🙂

      • Yes, at least if we do our bit.. and keep it up over time.. hopefully more people will join in and at least spread awareness first. I also hope people start understanding that health is as important as wealth and career and entertainment – all of which they spend a lot of time and effort on but which are meaningless without good health. Thanks for your posts Celeste, and for showcasing people like Abby on your blog and helping to grow the network! 🙂

      • Hi Celeste, I know you have the Meatonomics book, but thought you (and/or your readers) might also be interested in David’s interview on the Rich Roll Podcast. Rich is a great interviewer (and inspiring person in his own right) and really digs in deep with his guests.

      • I know of Rich Roll from his book, Finding Ultra. That was a really inspiring book. I didn’t know Rich interviewed people, however. I’ll have to check that podcast out! I know Dave personally, by the way. He’s going to help me do the Vegucated screening (he even knows the producer of the movie, which is so cool!). 🙂

      • Hey priya! I think people who buy the unhealthy junk like budget soda, chips, bulk cookies already know they’re eating junk, but it’s probably largely driven by their desire to eat the highly addictive foods, convenience, and low expense. It’s pretty hard to fix, but if we make healthy food more of a ‘thing’, more widely available, known by a larger majority of the population, then we may be able to reduce the number of processed foods consumed today. I think people are bcoming more aware about nutrition, diet as a result of the diet related illness epidemics 🙂 and Celeste, thanks for introducing me to veggie grill!

    • Thanks for all your support Priya! I really do hope that we can make an impact. Health is SO important. If only more people realized this before they got sick. 🙂

  3. Abby's Kitchen says:

    Wow, what a sweet introduction! I agree with Priya Kedlaya, we have to start somewhere, even if it’s through a small blog. Thank you so much for sharing my thoughts on the matter, Celeste! Together we can!!

  4. Poppy says:

    I have fallen in love with Welcome to Abby’s Kitchen too. I have to say as a Brit, the USA has a notoriously bad reputation here for processed foods, chemicals, additives, flavour enhancers etc. Here in the UK it is bad enough but I have been in speciality US shops here in the UK and the ingredients lists of even a juice drink is shocking compared with what I’m used to seeing. Don’t misread that as the UK is not suffering this problem too, it is! I have also read that US labelling is not as governed and enforced as here? People ‘joke’ about American food culture here. If someone gets a big portion, some say ‘wow, you’d think I was in America’!
    Did you ever watch Jamie’s Food Revolution? I found it beyond shocking to watch how children didn’t know what cheese was made of or what standard vegetables were. I even cried at parts with the ill health of such young people due to diet. More frustrating was the attitude of those feeding rubbish food to children.
    I hope I haven’t offended anyone!
    Poppy 😀

    • What a great comment Poppy! I’m sure you haven’t offended anyone. We know we’ve got a bad reputation when it comes to food and eating and we even make fun of ourselves. Jay Lenno caps on how Americans eat all the time!

      Kidding aside, it’s sad. Kids growing up here are taught to eat poorly. How can they learn otherwise when the media, grocery stores, schools and their parents eat poorly. Honestly, before I took a healthy cooking class at Whole Foods market I thought I was eating healthfully despite the fact that most of what I ate was frozen or canned foods. I thought all you had to do to eat healthy was to avoid fried food, red meat, too much sugar and make sure to eat some veggies. I was so mistaken!

      I’ve never seen Jamie’s Food Revolution, but it sounds like something I should check out. It will probably just make me upset, but the more upset I get, the more I post on my blog to get the word out there.

      We need to make some serious changes in how we eat, but that’s a toughie! Especially when the government is swayed by big agricultural and pharmaceutical interests who want to keep us fat and sick. As I said, it’s sad.

      Thanks for all your support Poppy!

      • Poppy says:

        Yes it does appear to be a losing battle when you are up against those in power being influenced by corporate giants. What a very sad situation.

        Jamie’s Food Revolution is upsetting at times but it’s also moving and empowering. It’s worth a watch if you get the chance.


  5. Mike Lince says:

    Your blog reminds me of the old riddle – How does a lion eat an elephant? One bite at a time. That’s how your blog is helping, Celeste. You win people over one at a time, just like you did with me and Florence. I think of you every time we go to the market – the open air market, that is! Your words are like a lifeboat to a sinking ship. People have the option to get on board. Keep plugging away, girl! – Mike

    • Aww – such a sweet comment Mike! Still, I can’t take all the credit. You guys are the ones who are making healthy changes on a day to day basis. And I have every intention of continuing to plug away! I hope you do the same. 🙂

  6. Vegan Adventures says:

    Hello! Just wanted to let you know that I have nominated you for the Sunshine Blogger Award, you can have a look at my post here

  7. Ralph says:

    Ha !! Supermarkets do harm my health. I was in Lidl in Calahonda on the Costa del Sol a while ago. I walked past a pallet of a pile of milk cartons each containing 6 boxes of milk and the whole lot fell on my leg and foot. Supermarkets attack me !! 😀 xox

  8. NaturalAnnie says:

    Right On! And also be sure to read labels when you shop at Whole Foods and natural grocery stores as well. GMO ingredients are everywhere, in “natural” foods. I look for organics and the non-gmo verified label!

  9. NaturalAnnie says:

    I’m reposting my comments because they didn’t show up… 😦

    Right On! And also be sure to read labels when you shop at Whole Foods and natural grocery stores as well. GMO ingredients are everywhere, in “natural” foods. I look for organics and the non-gmo verified label!

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