A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Farm Sanctuary


My sister, husband and I met up with my awesome follower, Cowgirl, and her friends at the Los Angeles Farm Sanctuary last Sunday. It was great, but we almost didn’t make it. Here’s what happened…

We left early because you never know about LA traffic and stopped at PetSmart’s Pet Hotel to drop Mambo off for the day. They wouldn’t admit him, however; because their records showed his vaccinations weren’t up to date. I’d just had Mambo’s shots done a few months ago, however; so the clerk said she’d call his vet.

The vet didn’t answer. The clerk then remembered that our vet, who was also located in PetSmart, didn’t open until 10 o’clock. She told us we could either wait for them to open or bring in Mambo’s paperwork.

My husband didn’t think we had time to wait, so he went home to get the paperwork while my sister and I got coffee. When my husband returned with the paperwork, the clerk still insisted that Mambo needed a shot. “But we just had his shots done in July, so he should be up to date,” I insisted.

The clerk told us that we’d have to wait for the vet to open to verify this. So we walked across the store to the vet’s office and waited. At ten minutes past ten, while we were grumbling about the vet being late, the PetSmart manager came over. “I’m sorry”, he said, “but the clerk made a mistake. The vet isn’t open on Sundays.”

Oh no! What were we gonna do now? My sister suggested that we take Mambo with us, but the Farm Sanctuary didn’t allow dogs so this was out. And we couldn’t leave him at home because we didn’t have a doggie door for him to use to go potty. So, in a panic, I called my neighbor, Anna.

Anna saved the day! She agreed to feed and walk Mambo while we were gone, so we drove home to drop him off. I was relieved that we had a plan, but I was also worried that we’d be late. I was so anxious, in fact, that while my husband and sister were using bathrooms, I nibbled on the leftover pie. Before my husband and sister came out, I’d eaten all the Oreo cookie crust off the pie.

This was not a good thing for many reasons, but mostly because I’d planned on photographing the pie on Monday so I could submit the recipe for the Virtual Vegan Potluck. I had a beautiful vision for it. I’d drizzle raspberry syrup on a small white plate that I’d top with a perfect slice of pie. Then I’d garnish it with a raspberry and a mint sprig. That wasn’t gonna happen now that the pie was crustless and ugly. Sigh!

As disastrous as the morning was, the day ended up being a lot of fun. So stay tuned, because I’ll be sharing about the Farm Sanctuary visit and revealing the Chocolate, Coconut & Rum Pie recipe soon!

Photo courtesy of jasonloh.co.uk.

About celestedimilla

Hey there. I’m Celeste, California girl, writer, psychotherapist and burgeoning plant-based foodie.
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42 Responses to A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Farm Sanctuary

  1. Mike Lince says:

    It sounds like PetSmart needs to be more People Smart. Anyway, I am still looking forward to your LA Farm Sanctuary story. 🙂 – Mike

  2. Ralph says:

    Love your smile 😉 hehe Ralph xox 😀

  3. jessyanne93 says:

    The chocolate, coconut and rum pie sounds so good! Looking forwards to the recipe!

  4. Reblogged this on Wolf Is My Soul and commented:
    Love your pic today, Celeste!! Made me smile. =)

  5. uberdish says:

    Looking forward to that pie at the VVP!

  6. Haven’t we all had these days? Thanks – reminds me I am not alone!

    • Hehe – I know these things happen to us all. I love writing about my bummer experiences, it’s great stress relief. Thanks so much for reading and for your support girlfriend – you’re always appreciated here!

  7. I’ve always had issues with PetSmart. I now go elsewhere for my vet, grooming, etc. They’re always screwing SOMETHING up. I’m glad someone was able to petsit though! If I were closer, I’d love to be on your standby!

    • I think it might be time for us to say “Goodbye” to PetSmart too. This is certainly not the first issue we’ve had with them. And it would be wonderful it you were close and could petsit for Mambo!! Oh well – it is what it is. Hope you’re having a lovely week!! Celeste 🙂

  8. Oh, funny about the pie! You’ll have to get baking again!

  9. The cow picture is so cute :)….
    Isn’t it always true that whenever we are in hurry…something or the other keeps delaying us ;).

  10. Sounds like an irritating beginning but I’m glad to hear you had fun later on!

  11. sophiazerg says:

    Can’t wait to hear about the Farm Sanctuary!
    The cow is so cute. 🙂

  12. Cute picture of the cow! Mmm oreo pie…

  13. The Vegan 8 says:

    Love that picture, hilarious!! And that chocolate pie sounds delicious! I have that on my to-do list to create a recipe. Hope you are doing good Celeste!

    • Thanks so much for the comment! Yes, I’m doing fine. Actually, to quote an old camp song, ‘I’m alive, awake, alert, enthusiastic!’ I sing silly camp songs like this all the time, it drives my husband crazy – hehe!

  14. Can’t wait to see your pie for VVP 😉 Have a great weekend!

  15. Sophie33 says:

    What a day you went through. I can’t wait for the tasty recipe,…yummmm. X

  16. Lorrie Wenzler says:

    Paperwork often gets in the way of what we do. We have copiers, computers, smart phones and other technological marvels but often the paperwork thwarts us from our task. Often with these modern conveniences you would think that paper wasn’t necessary but it is and you are stymied when it isn’t present. Mistakes do happen and the paper keeps us from our desired goal.

  17. carmen says:

    Great photo!! So nice that your neighbour Anna saved the day!!
    Looking forward to hearing about the farm adventure and photos!!

    ❤ carmen

  18. Michael Lane says:

    I’m glad you made it 🙂

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