A Vegan in Croatia


Until just over a month ago, I knew nothing about Croatia, but now I want to go! This came about when my blogger buddy, Mike, shared about his extended tour there. From his posts, it sounded like a wonderful place. When I read about the quiet coves, sandy beaches, bike paths and boutique hotels on the 1,000 plus islands of the Dalmatian Archipelago, however; this beach girl was sold!

But before I pack my bags I need to know if I can eat vegan there? According to Mike’s wife, Florence, the answer is YES! Here’s what she has to say:

A Vegan in Croatia, by Florence Lince

When traveling I always worry about being able to eat right.  Anyone with a special lifestyle can relate, be it having gluten intolerance or nut allergies or even, good heavens, being a Vegan!  Recently my husband and I were selected to participate in a web series called Discover Croatia for Touristar TV.  Never having been to Croatia before we really didn’t know what to expect food wise for me since I’ve decided to eat Vegan (and I’m feeling better all the time!).   There were 12 people on this little exploration of Croatia and the owner of the company who put this together, Lea Brezar, is a fellow Vegan!  How lucky can a girl get?

 The Croatian diet is filled with meat; lamb, veal, beef, and lots and lots of fish.  But the best surprise was the vast amount of foods made with only vegetables and no eggs or other dairy.  Lea started out like most vegans, as a vegetarian first and then later giving up all dairy and eggs in order to eat plant-based only.  Since our excursion was planned out well in advance every restaurant knew that we were coming and they prepared some of the best dishes Croatia has to offer for Vegans.

Croatia’s Vegan Fare Included…

Fresh Salads!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASalads were made to look so appealing – mostly made with shredded cabbage and lots of beans.

Delicious Potatoes


These potatoes are a Croatian delicacy – they were washed, cut in half, glazed with a little oil and salt and baked – and that’s it – they were so good.

Veggie Plates


This was a typical dinner for me – eggplant, zucchini, mushrooms, tomatoes and roasted peppers – they have a lot of green and red peppers in Croatia – served with bread and olive oil.

Lovely Soups


This was amazing!  This was barley, split pea, carrot and potato soup.  I could have eaten this every day and been very happy!

Fresh Produce

In addition to all this delicious restaurant fare, there is a farmer’s market in every major city in Croatia.  We went to many of them to buy fresh fruit every day.  I really wish I had a kitchen while there – everything was so fresh.


So, traveling and being a Vegan can go hand in hand.  And being in Croatia should be on every Vegan’s bucket list.  Now someone pass me the broad beans.

Photo Credits

The first photo of the boat is courtesy of ngewall.com. All photos other photos are courtesy of Florence Lince.

About celestedimilla

Hey there. I’m Celeste, California girl, writer, psychotherapist and burgeoning plant-based foodie.
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33 Responses to A Vegan in Croatia

  1. Thanks for the guest post Celeste. Croatia is beautiful and we can’t wait to go back again one day. Have a healthy vegan day.

    • I know I’m a late getting back to you Florence, but somehow I missed your comment! Anyway, THANK YOU for this guest post girlfriend!! Wonderful photos and very informative. I really, really want to go to Croatia now. 🙂

  2. Mike Lince says:

    Reblogged this on Applecore and commented:
    I proudly reblog this story written by my wife, Florence, with a special introduction by my blog buddy, Celeste Dimilla.

  3. I’ve heard Croatia is beautiful! I didn’t know anything about the traditional food there but good to know that vegan options are plentiful 🙂

    • It does sound like you have to let restaurants know you’re vegan ahead of time, but when you do boy do they deliver! Croatia is now on my list of places to go. Celeste “The Honking Vegan” – honk, honk!

  4. Namrata says:

    It indeed is beautiful(husband has been there), and I just hope you get to go sometime soon!

  5. natarunmore says:

    Yum! We were in Serbia this summer and it was very similar. Lots of choices! Some waiters/waitresses thought it was strange I wasn’t ordering meat but they were surprised how easy it is to fill your plate with potatoes and other veggies! You should take a holiday there.. looks lovely!

  6. Sounds absolutely amazing. The food looks so good! I always worry about traveling abroad and finding foods.

    Especially if I go to Hong Kong to visit my family, I’m the first vegan in the whole group of us. They don’t even understand what food allergies mean. My mom gave my friend shrimp once saying, “But it’s only a LITTLE bit.” Thankfully, we gave her some meds and she was fine!

    • It’s so hard being the only vegan in a group!! I’ve been there! And it sounds like your family really doesn’t get it – that’s rough. Maybe you’ll “vegucate” them – hehe!

  7. Vicky says:

    Croatia looks amazing and the food…!

  8. Croatia is still on our places to see, and we would love to go there one day! It’s nice to know that it is also vegan-friendly!

  9. The Vegan 8 says:

    All that food looks soooo good Celeste! I’m dying over that soup! Looks and sounds amazing!

  10. In Croatia, you will certainly be better off telling in advance that you are vegan. Also, I would advise you, when ordering, to make waiter think harder. Otherwise you’ll end up eating the same thing everyday. However, there are lots of veggies choice in the restaurants. Just push a little bit for the variety.

  11. omlit says:

    Croatia is ace! Pula and Split and Plitvice are my favourite places. If you are going on the beaches get some waterproof shoes as the beaches are amazing pavements rather than sand or pebbles 🙂

  12. Fig & Quince says:

    Now I want to go too! The veggie plate and potatoes look aces! YUM!

  13. I wish I can go there next, it is quite helpful and handy to find vegan food if I bring your experience and advise, thanks! 🙂

  14. Your vegan meals in Croatia look delicious. Guess its always possible to veganize anything.. Where there is a will, there is a way! If you like Croatia, you check out adventures in Croatia blog.. It’s funny and insightful:)

  15. Oh it sounds amazing there! I want to visit!

  16. Renard Moreau says:

    [ Smiles ] I would like to believe that there are vegans in every country on the planet.

    Lovely article!

  17. Yesenia says:

    This looks like an amazing trip! Especially with the food! I feel you can eat good anywhere sometimes, as long as there some good fruit and veggies 🙂

  18. Reblogged this on Wolf Is My Soul and commented:
    I’m salivating… yum 🙂

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