Super Fudgy Healthy Vegan Brownies


My husband and I are in Boston this week, so I’ve decided to repost some oldie but goodie posts while I’m away. I look forward to catching up with everyone when I get home. Have a beautiful week!

Super Fudgy Healthy Vegan Brownies

I was excited to learn that my sister’s partner, Linda, decided to go vegan. She’s been struggling with the transition, however; mostly because she doesn’t know what to eat. I recently learned that she’s been subsisting to a large degree on French fries. Yikes!!

So to help Linda with the transition, she and my sis are spending the rest of the holiday weekend with me learning how to cook healthful vegan recipes. Of course one of these recipes will have to be something chocolate!

I have lots of healthy chocolate recipes, but I felt like trying something new. I did an online search and found a whole food vegan brownie recipe that’s sweetened with banana and dates instead of sugar and uses peanut butter in place of oil. What’s more, there’s a whole can of black beans in the recipe! I’m not saying that this makes them health food, but as far as brownies go you can’t get more wholesome than that!

My problem with desserts is that I have the tendency to binge on them. Even healthy-ish desserts are unhealthy if you over do it. When I make cookies or brownies, I usually eat so much that I make myself ill. To prevent myself from doing that this time, I challenged myself not to eat any batter at all and then to allow myself to eat only one brownie after I baked them.

This worked! Not only did I not touch the batter, but I didn’t eat a single chocolate chip. And let me tell you, the baked brownie I ate tasted a lot better since I wasn’t already sick from eating batter.

I will admit, however; that although I technically ate only one brownie I really ate more than this because when I cut the brownies into squares, I sliced and ate silvers off of some of the squares. Oh well, still did a lot better than my typical behavior.

I highly recommend this brownie recipe, they’re healthy and delicious. I will note that I increased the chocolate chips from ½ a cup to 2 cups. If you want a super healthy brownie, you can replace the chocolate chips with dried fruit or use just the half cup of chips. Both my husband and I thought that the brownies tasted just right with the two cups of chips, however.

You can find this recipe at Healthy Vegan Recipes.

One last note, the photo above is not of the brownies I made. I’m still embarrassed by my food photography skills. I promise, however; that I’ll be taking my own photos soon! I just spent $600 on a Canon camera today and I’ll be taking a photography class in a couple of weeks.

The brownie photo is courtesy of Miss A. Her brownie recipe looks delicious too, but it’s neither vegan nor healthy.


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Hey there. I’m Celeste, California girl, writer, psychotherapist and burgeoning plant-based foodie.
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13 Responses to Super Fudgy Healthy Vegan Brownies

  1. Yum!your brownies look amazing!

  2. This is awesome. Thanks for sheikh Celeste.

  3. Have fun in Boston! I haven’t been there for a year, was there for a football match (Liverpool). Which Canon camera did you get? Your super fudgy healthy vegan brownies look so tasty, save me a piece!

    • I’d like to be having fun in Boston, but we’re here to help my hubby’s parents get their house (the one they’ve been in for 50 years!) ready to put on the market. In between the work, however; we’re sampling some fab vegan restaurants. Anyway, my camera is a Canon – EOS Rebel T5i 18.0-MP Digital SLR. It’s an awesome camera, but I’m still just learning how to use it. I’ve taken on photography class, but I need to take another one. Hopefully soon! I’ll catch up on your blog when I get home!! Celeste 🙂

  4. Sophie33 says:

    These brownies look amazing & quite pretty & tasty too! 🙂 Yummm!

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  6. Chandni Lahoti says:

    I have nominated you for a bunch of awards! Enjoy –

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  8. Sian says:

    Another one I want to try! I’m meant to be on no-added-sugar diet, but it’s not happening… But if I can make stuff like this I think it might be easier!

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