How “Not” to Pick a Restaurant


Due to the wild success of my hubby’s first guest post, The Hubby’s Tale, he decided to write another one. I hope you’ll give him as much love for this one as you did for the last one (this will make him happy and he might not notice how much money I’ve been spending lately!). So without further ado, here’s my hubby’s second post.

How Not to Pick a Restaurant

As readers of this blog know, Celeste and I recently went on a trip to the Pacific Northwest. We were joined by her parents for the Canadian portion of the trip, which included the beautiful cities of Victoria and Vancouver. We were excited to visit these two cities because we heard they are vegan-friendly. And Celeste managed to convince her parents to eat vegan with us so we were pumped for some fine vegan dining!

I was volunteered to be the official restaurant-picker. I was fine with this because Yelp makes it so easy to find great restaurants in cities you’ve never been to before. I selected several establishments I assumed would make everyone happy.

The first place was a bistro in downtown Victoria. I loved what I had, Celeste thought it was mediocre and her parents hated it. Oh well. Once in a while Yelp doesn’t come through, but the next restaurant was sure to be a hit.

The next night I chose a Chinese place in Victoria’s Chinatown. I loved what I had, Celeste thought it was mediocre and her parents hated it. Strike two! I was disappointed, but there’s no way Yelp would let me strike out.

The final night I chose an Ethiopian place that got glowing reviews. I should have known it was not going to be my night, however; when we got stuck in horrendous traffic, as Celeste mentioned in Do Canadians Ever Honk. Despite the pleas of my passengers to turn around, I was determined to get to this restaurant and show my in-laws just how tasty eating vegan can be.

Well, fifty minutes into what should have been a 15-minute trip, we pulled up to a dive restaurant in a sketchy section of Vancouver. It was rundown, grimy and the only person in the place was the toothless owner. The food was okay, but on the drive back to the hotel I had to listen to talk about whether we were all going to be suffering from food poisoning tomorrow. Strike three looking!

The lesson here, girls and boys, is if you find yourself in a new city traveling with non-vegans; let someone else pick the restaurants! And lest you think we didn’t like any of the vegan-friendly eateries in Victoria and Vancouver, Celeste and I dined at some really good lunch places.  I’ll let her tell you about those.

Cartoon courtesy of Cartoon a Day.

About celestedimilla

Hey there. I’m Celeste, California girl, writer, psychotherapist and burgeoning plant-based foodie.
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30 Responses to How “Not” to Pick a Restaurant

  1. Mike Lince says:

    Extra credit points to Paul for being The Man to choose dining out venues. That job is as fraught with peril as choosing the stepping stones across an alligator infested river. You are a braver man than I am!

  2. sophiazerg says:

    Oh boy, that’s a big responsibility. I’ve been there! And when I am, I try my best to find the one good element of the restaurant in hopes of not making the whole experience a flop.
    Great write up, Celeste’s hubby!
    Sophia 🙂

  3. Doing it with the in laws is a big no no… You jeopardized your efforts then and there ;))….. Best luck next time

  4. The Vegan Green says:

    Phew, that must’ve been a bit fraught!!!

    • Celeste's Hubby says:

      Actually, Celeste’s folks a very easy going. My only regret is they didn’t get to experience all the great vegan eateries Celeste and I went to on our own. Just dumb luck I guess.

  5. Poppy says:

    I feel for you Paul, although you sound like you can laugh about it now! At least you were happy with your meals though, well deserved with your big responsibility! Poppy 😀

  6. Ally says:

    Oh dear! It sounds like you just had a run of bad luck. I’m glad your meals were good though! I hope your in-laws aren’t totally turned off vegan food, haha!

    • Celeste's Hubby says:

      Yeah. It would have been better if we had given them a vegan tour of San Diego or Los Angeles. We know where all the great vegan restaurants are on our home turf. Maybe the next time they visit us.

  7. That was a funny post. Most likely it was like Murphy’s Law, because you wanted to please the in-laws it all just went haywire.

    • Celeste's Hubby says:

      Thank you. I actually wrote another reply to you and it ended up as a reply to the post. Murphy strikes again! 😉

  8. Celeste's Hubby says:

    True. It’s like when you’re in a rush to get someplace and you get all the red lights. Or if you want to stop at a red light so you can fix your side view mirror and all you get are greens.

  9. That is so cool that Celeste’s parents were open to eating at all vegan restaurants during your visit. Too bad it didn’t turn out better, but maybe they’ll try some of the lunch places that you enjoyed.

    Once on a family vacation, we had a run of horrible dining experiences and also felt somewhat doomed to a trip of horrible dining despite good online reviews. Then my brother got the bright idea to go to a gay reviews site because our gay friends always seem to be up on the best eateries at home. He figured why should it be any different out of town. We ended up having an amazing meal that we all enjoyed. Sure, it was us and our elderly (and oblivious) parents at a Chinese restaurant with about 30 gay couples, but damn if the food wasn’t outstanding and we all had a good laugh when my mom finally realized we were the odd ones out.

  10. lol! Yep I have been in the same spot! I hate picking restaurants!!

  11. Anna says:

    You took the worst duty for the road, find food that pleases all. It is impossible.
    I sing up to picking the parks.

  12. liveblissful says:

    What terrible luck! I find some vegan places get really good reviews because they might be the only one around but can be quite average. But then again some vegan places are really good because they go to that extra effort that most meat places don’t.

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